dr. Johann Christian, Sp. Perio


Drg. Christian graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, Trisakti University, Jakarta in 2011.

His passion on periodontics and implant dentistry, led him decided to further his studies at Airlangga University, Surabaya in 2012 and graduated with a Specialistic in Periodontics degree in 2015. Hence-after his graduation in mid-2015, he joined SmileWorks Dental Care Team and has been treating many patients.

To keep improving his skill and knowledge, he actively involves in many National and International Periodontic Scientific meeting and seminars: As a participant in “1st. South East Asia ITI Congress – Achieving Esthetic Success in Implant Dentistry” in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013; as committee in “The East Java Periodontic Seminar” in Surabaya in 2013; as a participant in NASSIP 3, “Enhancing Professionalism in Dental Treatment Based on Periodontal Consideration in Dentistry” in Jakarta in 2014; As a poster speaker and committee in PERIOS 2014 “Multidiciplinary Approach to Periodontic” in Surabaya.

He is committed to providing each of his patients with the highest care and best dental treatments. His goal is to help patients achieve a healthier smile and overall oral health through gentle and pain free dental treatment.