dr. Ni Made Galuh Ajeng Widya Sari, Sp. Pros

drg Galuh graduated from faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia in 2010 and join SmileWorks Dental Care Team. Because of her interest on Geriatric, Dental, and Maxillofacial prostheses, she decided to continue her education in Prosthodontic field at University of Indonesia and graduated in 2015. She currently a member of Ikatan Prosthodonsia Indonesia (IPROSI).

Besides formal education, drg Galuh always upgrading her knowledge by attending national and international seminars so she can provide better treatment to her patient. She also participating seminar as poster speaker in Indonesia Japan Prosthodontics Society joint Meeting and Enhancer-Refresher course for Dentistry.

Outside of work, drg Galuh enjoys cooking, travelling and spending quality time with her family.