dr. Rini Chudri

Dental Surgeon

Graduated from Trisakti University in 2002. During her study she was actively involved in dental seminars and workshops as committees and she worked part time at a private dental clinic. She, collaborated with her colleague, won first place in Research Competition at Asia Pacific Dental student Association (APDSA) in 2001 in Japan.

In 2003, she started her own practice while doing her National Service in Jambi. Her passion in doing dentistry is to help people to have a wonderful life through a beautiful smile. In order to give better service to her patients, she keeps updating her knowledge and skills through various national & international dental trainings and seminars. She received a merit certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry from the New York University (NYU), USA, in 2009.

Being an active person, she took the challenge of moving her career from Jambi to Jakarta in 2010, and joined some of the most prestigious dental clinics. She believes that a beautiful smile should be in the harmony with healthy teeth and the supporting tissues, hence, in year 2012 she completed a postdoctoral program in Periodontology and Implantology at University of Michigan, USA.

Currently Drg. Rini is doing general dentistry, emphasizing in Aesthetic Dentistry and dental implant. Her wide ranging interest in the world of sports, nature and music keeps her in balance in a tip top form to pursuing her dentistry dream.