drg. Benedict Cahyadi, BDS Hons (London) FDSRCS MFGDP (Eng)

drg. Benedict Cahyadi, BDS Hons (London) FDSRCS MFGDP (Eng)
General Practitioner
  • drg. Benedict Cahyadi, BDS Hons (London) FDSRCS MFGDP (Eng)

    Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon


    Drg. Benedict obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from the world-renowned King’s College London (UK) where he graduated top of class with honours (cum-laude) in 2018. In order to broaden his skills and experience, he chose to obtain work experience as a dentist in Wales, UK, before coming home to Indonesia. During that time, he also passed the required examinations to be admitted into the prestigious Faculty of Dental Surgery, of the Royal College of Surgeons (England). Upon coming home, he took on and completed the matriculation programme at UNPAD. Highly passionate in restorative, aesthetic and digital dentistry, he is pursuing a Masters in Clinical Dentistry (M.Clin.Dent) in Prosthodontics from King’s College London, where he is learning how to carry out complex reconstructive and aesthetic rehabilitations, both from digital and analog ways. He is also furthering his interest in implant dentistry with a Postgraduate Implantology Diploma from McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry (USA). His motto is to provide honest and comprehensive dentistry to all his patients, and he has won multiple awards in the UK for his academic, clinical and patient communication approach. He is enthusiastic in learning and keeping up with up-to-date skills and technology, in order to provide the best treatment for his patients. He loves spending his spare time relaxing with his family and friends, especially over a board game!

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