Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure performed by a periodontist in order to improve the health of the gum tissue, or to prepare the mouth for further restoration. Periodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating diseases of the gums and bone tissue that support the teeth.



Crown lengthening surgery can be performed on one or several teeth or your entire gum line, depending on your specific needs. Dental crown lengthening is considered a fairly minor surgery, usually done using local anesthesia, and relatively painless.

Common reasons for crown lengthening:

  1. Restorative – Periodontal disease may cause severe damage to the teeth, such as trauma and tooth decay. Crown lengthening can be used to prepare the area for a new restoration to correct the damaged teeth that are broken beneath the gum line.
  2. Cosmetic uses – correcting a “gummy” smile. Excess gum tissue can make teeth look unnaturally short, and might as well increase sensitivity to periodontal infections. Removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the bone tissue help restoring a balanced, healthy look and thus improve the aesthetically pleasing smile
  3. Dental crowns – Crown lengthening serves to provide more space between the supporting jawbone and dental crown. This prevents the new crown from damaging gum tissues and bone once it is in place.

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