Drg. Ivan Santoso

Smile Designer
Dental Implant Team

Dr. Ivan Santoso is a highly skilled dentist with a specialization in Esthetic Dentistry. He obtained his degree from Trisakti University Faculty of Dentistry in 2012. Driven by a passion for creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Ivan has focused his expertise on Esthetic Dentistry. His dedication to staying current with industry advancements led him to explore areas such as Dental Photography and Prosthodontics, enriching his skill set and broadening his perspective on comprehensive patient care. In 2015, Dr. Ivan participated in the International Aesthetic Masters Webinar, further honing his craft and refining his techniques.


Dr. Ivan has continued to elevate the patient experience through his meticulous approach, employing smile design and face design concepts to craft individualized treatment plans. Dr. Ivan’s commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction has resulted in numerous success stories where patients have achieved enhanced smiles and renewed confidence. His proficiency in Esthetic Dentistry, combined with his compassionate patient care, underscores his dedication to improving lives through dentistry. With a reputation for precision, creativity, and patient-centered care, Dr. Ivan Santoso remains at the forefront of Esthetic Dentistry, embodying the artistry and science required to transform smiles and elevate the field.


Beyond the dental practice, Dr. Ivan finds solace and inspiration in nature. An avid mountain hiker, he embraces the beauty of the natural world, which fuels his artistic perspective and dedication to improving smiles. As a nature enthusiast, he recognizes the intrinsic connection between oral health and the environment. Dr. Ivan’s reverence for both teeth and nature underscores his holistic approach to well-being.