dr. Rosalina Tjandrawinata, MSi, PhD

Dental Surgeon

Graduated from Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia in 1989 and continuing her study and holding a Master of Science in Material Science at University of Indonesia in 1997. As general dentist, she has interests in preventive and restorative dentistry. She received her PhD degree at Okayama University, Japan majoring in dental materials science in 2005.

As her passion and interest in the Material Science in dentistry, during her PhD program, she published many paper in Material Science both locally as well as Japanese journals such as Adhesive Dentistry, Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials Journal. She is also actively conducting seminar presentation in Jakarta as well as in Tokyo, Japan.

To further her knowledge and skills in dentistry, she took some non-degree study in Orthodontic and Implantology. And to keep upgrading her knowledge in Material Science, she join and acts as an active member of IPAMAGI, association of dental materials scientist in Indonesia.

drg. Rosa, since 2011, acts as the chief head of Dental Radiology at Trisakti University.

In her free time drg. Rosa enjoys traveling, culinary travels as well as developing her own culinary skills.